Dentures and Partials

For many, living without teeth is a reality. It’s something they have "gotten used to." They may have questions, but have not gotten around to find out more or they don't see the need. 

As dentists, we understand how much of an impact it can have on your quality of life – your ability to chew your favorite foods and your everyday appearance. Loss of teeth also causes lip drooping, due to lack of support, and overall loss of muscle tone causing an "aging" look. Speech is another function that is affected due to a lack of teeth. At Bay Hill Dental, we do not take that for granted and have great options for you to change how you feel about teeth replacements forever.

Depending on the number of teeth missing, you may need a partial denture or a complete denture. While implants or implant-supported dentures are great options, they may not be a possibility for a lot of patients due to the high cost or their health conditions are not conducive to dental implant surgery.

Dentures have come a long way since the "metal mouth,” anesthetic, ill-fitting dentures we've come to know and have seen in the past. Recent impression material technology along with the latest available materials, and utilizing excellent labs for fabrication has contributed to some impressive, natural-looking, and well-fitting dentures for patients. The results are a comfortable and esthetically pleasing prosthesis that you can be very happy with.
There are primarily two types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete Dentures

As the name suggests, a complete denture is a custom removable prosthesis that is indicated to replace "complete" set of teeth. It may be a first time replacement, which is then called an immediate denture, where the teeth are removed and replaced at the same time, or replacing an old denture that is not fitting or looking that good anymore. Complete dentures are meant to replace all missing teeth while achieving the best combination of esthetics, fit, and function. 

Although nothing can replace natural teeth 100 percent, depending on the available bone structure and supporting tissues, we can get a pretty accurate fitting denture. Since there are no teeth for support, a complete denture depends heavily on its supporting structures for fit. It is therefore important to get missing teeth replaced as soon as they are lost. 

Waiting too long once teeth are removed allows for loss of bone and muscle tone which can make denture fitting challenging. Dentures are made of an oral-friendly, acrylic base and teeth that are available in numerous shades to custom match the teeth and gums of the individual patient.

Creating Full Dentures

There are a few steps involved in fabricating a complete denture due to the complexity of the oral environment and need to record and replicate oral functions. It will involve a few completely painless office visits to record various aspects of the denture making process. Dr. Satar works closely with lab technicians to ensure proper communication for the custom denture for each and every patient. The result is a rewarding youthful smile and full set of teeth to enjoy your meal! This is a gift to the patient and the dentist! 

If you need to get a set of dentures due to missing teeth or just have an old denture that you are not happy with, please give us a call at Bay Hill Dental in Pleasant Hill at 925-685-9500 for a consultation and ask if a complete denture is an option for you.

Partial Dentures

When a patient has one or more, but not all teeth missing, a partial denture can be an excellent option for teeth replacement. Ideally, single or multiple missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge or implants, which is a "fixed" option. Not everyone is a candidate for these permanent replacements. The patient’s general health, available bone, supporting teeth, and finances all play a key role in determining the choice of treatment. 

Creating Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a great alternative to a fixed prosthesis to replace a single or multiple missing teeth in a more cost-effective way. Each partial denture is customized and designed to take support from its adjacent teeth or adapts to the supporting bone to obtain adaptation and a snug fit. Although removable, we can achieve very pleasing, esthetic results. The material used to make partial dentures includes two types – acrylic with metal combo (which are the more traditional type of a partial) or a flexible, metal-free acrylic, which works great in smile zones. The flexible, lighter, metal-free partials can create a highly esthetic look while not compromising function and fit! Not everyone is a candidate for the flexible partials, give us a call and see what teeth replacement options are right for you at Bay Hill Dental in Pleasant Hill 925-686-9500.

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If you have one or multiple missing teeth and may have any questions about complete dentures, partial dentures, bridges, or implants, please feel free to call Bay Hill Dental at 925-685-9500 and Dr. Satar can help you to find your optimal teeth replacement solution! Proudly serving the Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Concord, Alamo, Martinez and our neighboring communities.