A dental bridge is an excellent option for permanently replacing one, or sometimes multiple, missing teeth. Once cemented, they look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They are permanent, as they do not need to be taken out like a partial denture.

Why Replace Missing Teeth

It is very important to replace missing teeth, not just for esthetic purposes but also to have an even and functioning bite. If left untreated, gaps from missing teeth can cause shifting of the neighboring teeth and changes in the patients bite from the shift. In some cases, there can be bone loss and loosening of the adjacent teeth. This is due to compromise of the integrity of the other healthy teeth that are compensating for the missing teeth. The sooner the missing teeth are replaced, the better the outcome.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dr. Satar will evaluate to see if you are a candidate for a bridge, or if you would require other alternatives to replace your missing teeth, based on your oral condition and needs. Like crowns, bridges are made of different materials – all-porcelain, which is most esthetic – or one with a metal core with porcelain covering the metal where strength is of utmost importance. They type of material also depends on the bite and gum condition of the patient. Dr. Satar can discuss the pros and cons of each option based on your unique oral condition and determine which option is best for you.

Steps in Bridge Preparation and Cementation

A dental bridge utilizes the adjacent teeth on the two sides of the missing tooth/teeth as anchors for support. It is important that the supporting teeth should be healthy and strong enough to be used as anchors for the bridge design.

The steps involved in bridge preparation and cementation typically require two appointments. The first appointment is the longer appointment of the two, where the adjacent teeth are designed and prepped for the bridge. Custom molds are then taken and sent to the lab for manufacture. The shade is selected and the bite is recorded and sent along with the molds. At the end of the appointment, the patient will leave with temporary crowns.

At Bay Hill Dental, we utilize high-quality materials, which are safe and provide great results. We are teamed up with the best labs in the business that manufacture excellent crowns and bridges. Dr. Satar personally talks to the lab techs to provide the best outcome for his individual cases. The lab includes certification after rigorous quality control.

Dr. Satar takes great pride in a job well done no matter how big or small the procedure. He is very patient and meticulous with his crown and bridge design, which results in esthetically beautiful, long-lasting crowns and bridges for our patients.

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