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Do I have to have all of my treatment at once?

Not always. Treatment plans can be phased based on priority, the severity of your condition, or your chief complaint. This is especially useful for patients concerned about fitting dentistry into their budgets or about missing too much work at once. We can go over what makes the most sense to address first. For example, that could mean treating any broken or painful teeth first in order to stop the cycle of degeneration and tooth pain that makes it difficult to eat the foods you love.

Sometimes it makes sense to do certain treatments at one time. For example, porcelain veneers look and function best when they are placed at once. Teeth requiring crowns or filings that are side-by-side in your mouth means that we only have to numb you once, so we may recommend completing adjacent teeth simultaneously.

Patients may also have an idea of where they would like to start their dental treatment. This may be a particularly painful tooth or the front teeth that people can see.

A lot of times, it would mean getting the most important treatment done first. The goal is to eventually get all of the necessary treatment completed while not losing track of the priority.

We customize all treatment based on your needs and will work with you to make dentistry convenient and accessible.


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